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ArrowIntroduction from the BPM Chair

2015 is the tenth edition of the BPM Europe conference. As chairman of the event from the outset, it’s very rewarding to see the growth in the profession’s maturity over these years.

We know that Business Processes are the engines of the business. Doing the right things in the right way always assures customer delight, owner results, employee satisfaction and a continuously evolving enterprise. We all know that it is not easy. To be able to continue to architect and improve while we are still running the business day to day is a challenge that requires knowledge, competence, commitment and optimized resources. Establishing and continuously sustaining our processes and the required capabilities to make them work is essential. This is what BPM Europe 2015 is all about. Our focus for this year is to bring the best knowledge, experience and learning opportunities together and design smarter more relevant processes. We will also make sure that we provide a robust treatment of how to realistically manage and govern our enterprises using business processes as the mechanisms of strategy translation and performance management.

This year there will be two main BPM tracks. ‘The Process-centric Business’ is dedicated to help you to become process managed. ‘Process Centric Design’ builds on the overall theme of Design Thinking. Both are rich in case studies from world respected organizations.

The additional Business Architecture track will cover the critical aspects of strategy and business transformation. The fourteen pre-conference workshops will give you deeper insights and practice. Delegates to BPM Europe 2014 will have full access to all sessions in the EAC conference as well as always.

For a decade BPM Europe has been the premier BPM conference anywhere. In 2015 we will continue that tradition with the most comprehensive programme that we have ever had.

Conference Chair:
Roger Burlton

Roger T. Burlton
P. Eng., CMC
BPTrends Associates

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ArrowBenefits from Attending

  • This is a pragmatic conference for working practitioners and their managers. The sessions have been carefully selected and reflect real organizationschallenges and solutions.
  • Delegates will have lots of opportunity to share knowledge with one another and the faculty.
  • The in-depth pre-conference and post-event workshops all allow you to put into practice methods and techniques with hands on working sessions
  • The conference sessions cover a full range of BPM issues from strategy and architecture to analysis and design to IT and human change. There is a wide range of topics from which you can choose.
  • There will be a special emphasis this year on human behavioural and organizational cultural change.
  • Latest insights and innovative approaches will be presented and discussed.
  • Separate from the sessions you will have the opportunity to view the latest in software tools to support your efforts.

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  • Process Practitioners wishing to collaborate with other process professionals and to learn new and better ways of working.
  • BPM Novices who want to learn fast and raise their process competencies confidently and quickly.
  • Process and Business Analysts and Designers wishing to gain a comprehensive coverage of the critical aspects of Process Design.
  • Business Architects who wish to change how the business works, improve the re-use of business capabilities and increase the agility of process solutions.
  • Managers, Directors and other Senior Staff aiming to implement sustainable process improvement, management and governance.
  • Process Technologists striving to build adaptable end-to-end business solutions.
  • Business Managers who have to operate front line processes as well as deliver real change to survive and thrive.

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