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"One of the big benefits of the IRM course was that Mike is very much a practicing Enterprise Architect and had a wealth of real case studies and examples to reference in the various stages of the course. This is very important for me when looking at training like this as text and theory only just doesn’t do it for training at this level."

Conal Markey, Solution Architect, Kainos


3-Day Seminar

Understanding Enterprise Architecture:
Structure, Domains, Disciplines, Value

Mike Rosen

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The complexity and change in today's IT environments are moving at an unprecedented and accelerating pace.  Architecture is one of an organization’s primary tools for managing complexity, accommodating change, providing consistency, and improving agility. The complexity, scope, and rate of change cannot be sustained without a robust architectural foundation.

Organizations which have successfully implemented Enterprise Architecture have streamlined costs, improved alignment between business strategy and IT systems, improved flexibility and consistency, and transformed their business. Unfortunately, not everyone has been as successful. Many organization or architects do not have an overall understanding of what enterprise architecture is, how programs are structured, the roles, responsibilities and skills of an enterprise architect, what enterprise architecture looks like, how to create architecture, how to apply it, and how to deliver value to their organization through EA.  This workshop is aimed at making sure you understand these questions and how to achieve results.

It will teach you principles, skills, and thinking that you need to be a good architect and to apply architecture regardless of the framework. You will leave with new skills and techniques that can immediately be applied to your job and project.  The workshop is structured as a mix of presentation, interactive discussion, and group based exercises, so participants get the chance to apply the techniques learned to example scenarios during the facilitated exercises.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain an overview of the principles, practices, structure, and value of enterprise architecture
  • Understand the concepts, models and vocabularies of different architectural domains
  • Learn architectural principles and skills that can immediately be applied to your current role
  • Understand the impact of 3rd platform technologies on enterprise architecture
  • Understand the issues and techniques of business and information architecture
  • Understand application architectural styles, patterns, and reference architectures
  • Understand technology architecture and its relation to enabling applications and business

Seminar and Workshop Outline

Introduction to Enterprise Architecture

  • Why do we need architecture?
  • Overview of Enterprise Architecture
  • EA Value Proposition
  • EA Practice Areas
    • Business, Information,
    • Application, Technology
  • EA Case Study and Example
  • Architectural Thinking and Skills
  • EA Principles, Policies, Practices
  • EA Organization and Governance
  • Architecture Frameworks
    • Zachman, TOGAF, MoDAF

Business and Information Architecture

Business Architecture

  • What is Business Architecture?
  • Business Concepts: Strategies, Lifecycles, Innovation
  • Business Architecture Modeling
  • Business / IT Alignment Models
  • Business Capability Maps
  • Business Motivation Model
  • Value Chains and Value Streams
  • Business Context Models
  • Business Process Models

Information Architecture

  • What is Information Architecture?
  • Operational Data versus Analytical Data
  • ERD and Dimensional Models
  • Deriving Information Models from Business Context
  • Enterprise Information Model (conceptual)
  • Big Data, Data Warehouses, Data Marts and Analytics
  • Information Flow Architecture
  • Data Movement Patterns
  • Master Data Management and Data Virtualization

Application and Technology Architecture

Application Architecture

  • What is Application Architecture?
  • Architecture Styles
  • Architecture versus Design
  • 3rd Platform Solutions
  • Enterprise 3.0 Reference Model
  • Conceptual Architecture
  • Patterns
  • Architecture Driven Analysis and Design

Technology Architecture

  • What is Technology Architecture?
  • Interface between Application and Technology
  • Integrating 3rd Platform Technologies into the Enterprise
  • Cloud Technologies, Guidelines, and Integration
  • Security Questions, Issues, Approaches
  • Social
  • Mobile
  • Performance and Capacity

Case Study

  • Read the Case Study (homework)
  • Facilitated Group Discussion
  • Lessons Learned from Architecture at a Major Chemical Manufacturer
  • Conclusion


  • Enterprise Architects
  • Business Architects
  • Solution Architect
  • Domain Architects
  • Information Systems Management
  • EA Program Managers
  • Business/Systems Analysts
  • Consultants
  • Strategic Planners
  • IT Managers
  • CIOs
  • IT Professionals looking to become Architects

Special Features:
This seminar provides a comprehensive overview of enterprise architecture, illustrated with real life examples and leaves the student with new skills and techniques to help with their current job and future aspirations. One of the most popular and unique aspects of the course is the business school style case study of architecture at a Global 100 enterprise where participants are lead through a group discussion to draw out specific learning points. After completion of this seminar delegates will be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is enterprise architecture?
  • What are the different approaches to EA structure and EA programs?
  • What are the concepts and models of each architectural domain?
  • What are the skills, vocabulary, and roles of an architect?
  • What are critical factors in architecture success and failure?
  • How do you use architecture to provide value to your organization?

Speaker Biography

Mike Rosen

Mike Rosen is Chief Scientist at Wilton Consulting Group, which provides expert consulting in Enterprise Architecture, Business Architecture, Service-Oriented Architecture, and IT Strategies. Mr. Rosen is also Founder and VP of the Business Architecture Guild, and Editorial Director for SOA Institute. His current emphasis is on the implementation of Enterprise and Business Architecture and programs. Mr. Rosen is an internationally recognized thought leader, speaker and author of several books including Applied SOA: Architecture and Design Strategies.

In-House Training
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Speaker: Mike Rosen
Mike Rosen

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Architecture & Strategy Series
Zachman Enterprise Architecture: Modelling Workshop Zachman Certification
Management Strategies for Enterprise Architecture

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