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"The Corporate Strategy for IT takes you through a journey illustrating the life of IT within corporations leading you to an understanding of the strategic value IT generates for the corporation. Chris Potts is clearly a highly skilled facilitator who gets his points across in a well argumented manner."

Charlotte Pockendahl Andersen, Head of Business Solutions and Process Design, ATP

"Chris, redefines the way value is created by IT. His approach to EA and IT strategy are both innovative and common sense. Just brilliant!"

Kostas Tsatsaris, Lead Enterprise Architect, Transport for London

"Met all of my objectives. Very clear expectations."

Gordon Barnett, CTO, LCH Clearnet

"Highly professional and interactive, driving very good discussions."

Stephane Chatal, IS Global Programs Director, Reckitt Benckiser

"Intense. Thought provoking!"

Iain Roy, General Manager, Service Management, Nuffield Hospitals

"Exceeded my expectations."

Rob Brown, IT Infrastructure Development & Strategy Manager, Insight Investment

"Very good seminar, added a lot more value to my thought process than expected."

Kshipra Singhvi, Head of Business Applications, British Council

"The seminar exceeded my expectations."

Nigel Zaldua-Taylor, Head of IS Strategy, Centrica

2-Day Seminar

The Corporate Strategy for IT
Innovation, Investment, and Information Technology

Chris Potts

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18-19 November 2014, London

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Chris Potts  

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From time-to-time, developments in the IT market and the wider economy radically change the game for Corporate Strategies for IT and the people that lead them. Whenever that happens, a new generation of strategy emerges.

This is one of those times.

As consumers, we are becoming masters at rapidly changing our behaviour to exploit technologies in ways that we value. Yet many organisations are still focused on how IT is delivered, and how much it costs. How can organisations now become as agile as consumers at creating value from IT in the context of their strategies and business plans?

This seminar is about achieving this in the most inspiring, effective and painless ways possible. It starts with how transformational changes in the IT market have created four generations of Corporate Strategy for IT, where we are today, and the ultimate end-game. Then, based on the real-life experiences of enterprises around the world, it lays out proven, practical innovations for guiding people through the next big step on the journey.

Entirely based on first-hand experiences of what works, and what doesn't, the seminar will help you to:

  • Explore the four generations of Corporate Strategy for IT. Where is your organisation today?
  • Formulate your next-generation strategy in five days or less
  • Transform the way your organisation behaves towards IT, from 'costs' to 'value'
  • Use IT's enterprise-wide perspective to drive business innovations and investments that grow company performance
  • Maximise the contribution of your IT specialists to both strategic and operational business value.

Learning Objectives
You will take away a comprehensive framework for formulating and executing your organisation's Corporate Strategy for IT, and worked examples. Many people find that the experience permanently changes their perspective of what strategies for IT is all about, including:

  • The promise, key principles and core tactics of a Corporate Strategy for IT
  • Exploring and changing the corporate culture towards IT
  • Investing in a portfolio of business changes involving IT
  • Using Enterprise Architecture to drive business innovation and performance
  • Moving to an 'expert IT customer' management model
  • The ultimate destiny of the CIO and the IT Department

Seminar and Workshop Outline

IT market watch: is this the end of 'IT Strategy'?

  • Transformations in the IT market
  • The FruITion Strategy® - the four generations of Corporate Strategy for IT

Case study

  • Introduction and background
  • The CIO's strategic promise

The IT value chain

  • Why the business-IT gap is a myth
  • The Strategic Integration Framework for IT

The Corporate Strategy for IT

  • Rapidly formulating a strategy that is meaningful and memorable
  • Maximising the strategy's contribution and influence

Integrating IT with corporate and business strategies

  • Why strategic integration = paradox management
  • Exploring some fundamentals of corporate strategy

Investing in business change and IT

  • Diagnosing your organisation's investment culture
  • Transforming IT budgets into a business value portfolio

Using Enterprise Architecture to drive business innovation

  • How to drive business innovation
  • Architecting Enterprise

"Expert IT Customer" management model

  • The IT customer's performance dashboard
  • Organisation design, investment process, accountabilities and governance

Sourcing strategy

  • The IT-related competencies you cannot outsource
  • Optimising the value, cost and risk of your supplier portfolio

IT market watch revisited

  • Turning research into value-adding tactics
  • The ultimate destiny of the CIO


  • CIO
  • IT Strategist
  • IT Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Business Architect
  • IT Consultant
  • Business Consultant
  • Business Information Manager
  • Corporate or Business Strategist
  • Business / IT Relationship Manager
  • IT Manager who uses IT or who has IT costs

Special Features

  • Entirely founded on Chris's practical work with leading companies around the world
  • Case study based on real life example
  • No technical IT knowledge required
  • Workshop format
  • Chris's seminars regularly receive 10/10 for content and style

Speaker Biography

Chris Potts

Chris Potts works with people around the world as a hands-on practitioner and mentor, and has been called 'the world's leading thinker on IT investments'. He is the author of two books - “FruITion: Creating the Ultimate Corporate Strategy for Information Technology”, and “RecrEAtion: Realizing the Extraordinary Contribution of Your Enterprise Architects”. Chris has over 25 years’ experience in corporate, business and IT strategies, Enterprise Architecture, investing in change, and delivery.

He is an award-winning speaker, delivering seminars and conference keynotes worldwide. Chris has also given guest lectures on CIO strategies at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University, and on Enterprise Architecture at the IT University of Copenhagen. He has been hailed as an expert in his field by, is a member of the Strategic Planning Society, and judges ‘CIO of the year’ awards in both the USA and the Middle East.

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Hotel Venue and Accommodation
18-19 November 2014
Venue: TBA, London

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Speaker: Chris Potts
Chris Potts

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IT Strategy & Management Skills Series
The Corporate Strategy for IT
Improving Business Performance through Integrated Business/IT Planning

Multiple Seminar Booking Discount
Attend more than one of our seminars and you will be entitled to the following discounts:

  • 2nd course 10%
  • 3rd course 15%
  • 4th course 20%
  • 5th+ course 25%

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  • 4-5 Delegates - 20%
  • 6+ Delegates - 25%

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