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"Extremely knowledgeable on topic and explains it really well."

Ann Brigdale, Data Quality Lead Specialist, Nationwide Building Society

"Great energy & enthusiasm - never flagged."

Rachel Ware, Quality Analyst, Reuters Data

"Excellent content, relevant, clear and well delivered. Knows his subject matter inside out."

Darrel Green, Asset Catalogue Manager, Infraco BCV

"Very good - great use of real life examples to relate to. Inspiring!"

Vicki Smith, Senior Quality Analyst, Reuters

"Animated, informed, captivating and personable. Very good."

John Barnes, Consultant, Popkin Software Systems

"A very clear explanation of how to improve IQ straight from the beginning of IQ projects"

G Walter, MIS Analyst, Europay Int


3-Day Seminar

Information Process Quality Improvement:
Best Practices for Business Information Quality and Business Performance Excellence

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Poor information quality costs organizations 20-35% of operating revenue in process failure and "information scrap and rework" in direct costs with missed opportunity costs often greater.
This seminar describes quality principles applied to business and systems processes to achieve effective business performance. It provides guidelines for implementing an effective IQ environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Define Information Quality and Information Quality Management and Quality Principles
  • Describe categories of information quality tools and how to use them effectively
  • Learn how to measure information definition and content quality
  • Understand how to measure costs of poor quality information and ROI of process improvements
  • Conduct an information quality process improvement initiative to minimize costs of Information Scrap and Rework
  • Describe how to organize and manage an information quality environment

Seminar and Workshop Outline

Defining Information Quality (IQ)

  • Quality and information quality
  • Customer satisfaction as business driver
  • Dispelling myths about IQ

Applying Quality Principles to Information

  • The information product
  • Kaizen, TQM and business excellence principles
  • Identifying information "customers"
  • Customer "expectations" of their information products
  • The TIQM® Quality System Overview

Information Quality Tools and Processes

  • Categories of IQ tools
  • Architecture of IQ tools in the TIQM process

Assessing Information Product Specifications and Information Architecture Quality

  • Data definition quality characteristics
  • Three categories of data definition quality assessment
  • QFD: Designing quality into Information Models and Database Design
  • Measuring data definition quality

Assessing Information Quality

  • Critical to Quality (CTQ) Information Quality Characteristics
  • Applying Statistical Quality Control (SQC) to Information processes

Measuring the Costs of Poor Quality Information and the ROI of Information Process

  • Measuring Costs of Poor Quality Information Management Processes
  • Calculating Costs of Poor Quality Information
  • Calculating Customer Lifetime Value as a measure of Information Value

Improving Information Process Quality: Data Defect Prevention

  • The Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle for information process improvement
  • Root cause analysis using cause and effect diagrams
  • From quality assurance to continuous quality

Minimizing Costs of Information Scrap and Rework

  • Principles of data correction control
  • Minimizing costs of data transformation and movement

Implementing and Sustaining a Continuous Information Quality Improvement Environment

  • Deming's fourteen points of quality applied to information
  • Organizing and facilitating culture change for information quality


  • Information Quality Team
  • Data Management
  • Data Warehouse
  • IT Management
  • Quality Management
  • Systems Analysts
  • Information Stewards
  • Business personnel who require quality information
  • Internal and EDP auditors

Special Features

  • Free copy of Mr. English's new Information Quality Applied book
  • Lecture with exercises and interchange to reinforce the concepts
  • Video: How to conduct Kaizen process improvements

Information Quality Applied
Descriptions and Ordering from AMAZON

Speaker Biography

Larry English, Information Impact International

Larry English, President and Principal of Information Impact International, Inc, Brentwood, TN, is an internationally recognised speaker, teacher, consultant and author in information management. He specialises in analysing trends for effective implementation of IM and he is actively involved in all aspects of IM, including planning, organisation, modelling and methodology implementation.

Larry has provided advisory services and educational seminars widely across North America, Europe and Australia. He was Vice-President of an international consulting company and data administrator in a large publishing company, where he implemented an integrated approach to database application development.

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Speaker: Larry English
Information Impact International
Larry English, Information Impact International

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Special Feature
Attendees receive a copy of

Information Quality Applied
Larry English

Information Quality Applied
Descriptions and Ordering from AMAZON

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