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"It was a very enjoyable course which James did a great job in presenting. The flow of the course was very well put together, it walked you through the different types of modeling tools that could be used to help understand the business you were trying to design. It explained when and why you should use the different modeling tools to help understand the business and define the Stakeholders. It was a very interactive where you were encouraged to ask questions and put your own ideas forward on the examples given. There were several workshops where you were able to use the different models you had learnt to design a specific business, which you then presented to the rest of the class explaining your reasoning for your design."

Charles Cooper, Senior Business Analyst, HP

"Attending Mastering Business Analysis seminar brought me even closer to understanding what IT can do for business."

Gasper Babic, IT Account Manager for Comops, Lek Pharmaceuticals d.d.

"Very interesting and confirmed my beliefs of what a BA should be doing."

Kelly Newnham, Business Analyst, Scottish & Southern Energy

"Very good explanations when questions aired. Lots of real life examples too."

Claire Pearson, Business Process Analyst, AQA


2-Day Seminar

Mastering Business Analysis
The Pragmatic, Integrated Approach to Business Needs and Solutions

James Archer  

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Business analysis underpins any automated system development, and any meaningful business change. Business analysis means uncovering the real business problem, and then crafting the best possible solution for it. Business analysis means firstly bringing the stakeholders to a common — and correct — understanding of the value that any new solution will bring to the organisation.

Business analysis means investigating the business problem, discovering the essence — the real problem — and then looking at the options for an appropriate solution. In short, the task of the business analyst is to uncover the real business, and communicate it in such a way that all stakeholders come to a consensus on the best way to improve that business. Business analysis is a combination of work study, systemic thinking, innovating, communicating, persuading and several other analytical skills.

This course gives you the process and the tools for effective and thorough business analysis.

Learning Objectives

  • How to discover the real business needs, not just guess at a solution
  • How to define a project so that it can yield real benefits, and have all stakeholders agree on the objectives
  • How to define and analyse customer segments
  • How to write a value proposition that clarifies the intention of the business change
  • How to be better at communicating and convincing stakeholders of your ideas and solutions
  • How to be innovative and find the best way to improve your client’s business
  • How to be a better business analyst

Seminar and Workshop Outline

Business analysis

  • What is business analysis?
  • How business analysis moves the business from its current state to the desired future state
  • A framework for effective business analysis
  • How business analysis works in your organisation


  • The foundation of the project
  • Defining the value proposition, and ensuring that means a beneficial change
  • Understanding the intended future state of the business
  • SWOT, ALUo, PESTLE, and other ways to look at the project


  • The work to be improved
  • The culture and values of the work
  • The essence of the work – the real problem
  • Understanding the options for a solution
  • Scoping the problem
  • Are we solving the right problem?


  • The strategy of modelling
  • Process models – UML, BPMN, data flow, scenarios
  • Data models / class diagrams
  • The culture of the people involved in the work
  • The essential business processes

Design the Future Work

  • Getting to the future state of the business
  • Designing, and how it works in business analysis
  • Innovation and how to make a real difference
  • How to present better information
  • Making the solution more convenient
  • Allocating the essence to the available technology

Getting Approval

  • Having the best solution is not enough
  • Communicating with your stakeholders 
  • How to present effectively
  • How to convince your stakeholders

Ongoing Business Analysis

  • Beyond the project
  • Systemic thinking to align the new system within the organisation
  • Distributing knowledge within the organisation
  • The effect of change

Mastering Business Analysis

Business analysis is almost everyone’s job—every employee has some responsibility for effective business improvement. The most likely job titles you would find at this course are:

  • Business Analyst
  • Product owner
  • Systems Analyst
  • Project Leader
  • Requirements Engineer
  • Product or Program Manager

or similar titles. We also find Business Stakeholders, Users and Software Customers benefit from learning advanced business analysis techniques, and how they can contribute to the organisation’s wellbeing.

Special Features

  • All teaching chapters are reinforced with hands-on workshops
  • The course is run informally with lots of opportunity to discuss issues with the instructor
  • The course is made relevant to your work situation
  • Participants receive a copy of Business Analysis and Leadership, edited by Penny Pullan and James Archer
  • Your instructor has real world experience, and is willing to discuss how you can be most effective doing business analysis in your organisation

IIBA Accreditation

The Mastering Business Analysis course has been endorsed by The International Institute of Business Analysts. As such, this course has been approved as being aligned to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) and hence is recommended training for business analysts who wish to sit the exam to become Certified Business Analysis Professionals (CBAP).  By attending this course, you will earn 16 PDs (Professional Development hours) or 16 CDUs (Continuing Development Units).  For further information on how to register for the CBAP examination please refer to certification at  The IIBA endorsement is registered by the Atlantic Systems Guild.


Business Anlysis Along with the seminar materials, delegates will receive a FREE copy of Business Analysis and Leadership: Influencing Change, Penny Pullan, James Archer et al.

Speaker Biography

James Archer James Archer is a business analyst, consultant, teacher, writer and innovator. James is co-editor and contributing author of Business Analysis and Leadership (Kogan Page, 2014). He identifies the key to great business analysis as an inclusive leadership style, thinking innovatively, working collaboratively, acting strategically and helping people discover their real requirements.

James is one of the founders and organisers of the Business Analysis European Conference now in its seventh year. In 2009 he was awarded Business Analyst of the Year and he has a Masters with Distinction in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership (Minnov) from City University. 

James is an associate of the Atlantic Systems Guild and has contributed to the development of and taught the Volere approach to requirements and business analysis for the last 8 years.

Specialising in health and social care he brings a track record of designing and delivering innovative solutions to complex problems. His key role is to help senior stakeholders understand the wider strategic and business change implications of potential solutions, while James also has a rare ability to enable people at all levels of an organisation to work and think together in pursuit of lasting change.

James is a Director of Public World  who are UK partners of Buurtzorg a not for profit organization in the Netherlands that is transforming the way care at home is delivered by nurse lead self managed teams. Buurtzorg has grown from a team of 4 nurses in 2007 to over 800 teams of 9,500 nurses with a back office of only 45 staff and has won employer of the year in the Netherlands for 4 out of the last 5 years. James is working with Guys and St Thomas Hospital in London and other NHS organisations to adapt and adopt the Buurtzorg model to the UK context.

Recent clients have included Royal Mail, Waters Corporation, Ikea, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster Council, the Norwegian Court Administrative Service, Credit Suisse, Estonia Energy and Honeywell. 

In-House Training
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Speaker: James Archer
James Archer

Endorsed by
The International Institute of Business

Mastering Business Analysis is an endorsed course by the IIBA
v2.0 of the BABOK as registered under The Atlantic Systems Guild.

By attending this course, you will earn 16 PDs (Professional Development hours) or 16 CDUs (Continuing Development Units).

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