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Jon Evans Data Quality - Lessons from the Field
Jon Evans
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Over recent years, much of the data quality agenda has been driven by technology vendors, who have paved the way for effective Data Quality Management (DQM) through the development of some very capable toolsets. However, DQM requires much more than technology to achieve success, a lesson more than a few CIOs have had to learn the hard way.

Some organisations battle through their Data Quality Programmes, finally emerging the other end, albeit more than a little battered and scarred. However, many give up part way through, leaving a trail of disappointed stakeholders in their wake.

Whether you’re just starting out on your data quality journey or you’re simply looking for some ideas to keep the momentum going, this 30 minute webinar will help you focus on the key enablers to success by:

Dispelling some of the myths about Data Quality Management

Describing the common pitfalls and how to avoid them

Outlining the steps you should take to improve the effectiveness of your DQ programme

Jon is a Information strategist, self-confessed data quality geek and the founder of Equillian — the independent experts in Enterprise Information Management. For the past two decades, he has been helping organisations harness their information and transform it into a strategic business asset. His wealth of experience covers all the key disciplines that help define, manage and exploit enterprise information, from putting in place effective Data Governance to delivering insight through Business Intelligence. In the field of Data Quality, he contributes expert knowledge and thought-leadership, drawing upon a track record of successfully delivering DQ initiatives to a wide range of organisations, including a key role in advancing the statistical analysis of health data.

Jon will be speaking at IRM UK's Enterprise Data & BI Conference Europe 2013, 4-6 November, London

This event is run in partnership with DAMA UK ( and the Data Management Specialist Group, BCS (

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