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Gwen Thomas

5 Ways to Benefit from the Collision of Big Data, MDM, and Data Governance
Gwen Thomas, Data Governance InstituteData Governance Institute

Planning for a new effort can be confusing enough. But what if your organization needs both MDM and Data Governance and your business sponsors are also asking about the impact of Big Data on your data and technology strategies? Actually, this situation can be an opportunity for you, your career, and your program. Attendees will learn easy-to-whiteboard tips for:
  1. Demonstrating your ability to map each effort to enterprise goals
  2. Demonstrating efficiencies through aligned strategies
  3. Getting credit for your teams' efforts when they benefit other projects
  4. Making the case for additional resources
  5. Increasing your value to decision-makers

See Gwen at the Data Governance Conference Europe, 15-17 April, London

Gwen Thomas is a data governance pioneer. She is the founder and president of The Data Governance Institute, which provides in-depth, vendor-neutral information about - and assistance with - the governance of data and information. Gwen also serves as publisher of the web's largest data governance resource, at Gwen has personally helped dozens of companies to build or mature their data strategies and data governance programs. Before governance got "hot" and she decided to focus entirely on data-related concerns, Gwen spent a dozen years working in the trenches and in management roles as a systems integration consultant and Knowledge Manager. Prior to that she managed and governed content while serving as was a college teacher, a marketing/pr person, and a publisher of a literary magazine.

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