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Roger Burlton Business Process Architecture: Connecting Business Strategy to Business Requirements
Roger Burlton

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Many organizations are using business process analysis and design as a core part of their business analysis activities having realized the criticality of understanding and developing effective and efficient information and work flows for the business. This has helped them to develop better business solutions. Unfortunately most of these models have become throw-way, used solely for project purposes with little residual value or reuse. More disappointing is the fact that many such initiatives are doing a great job solving the wrong problem since they are not aligned to the strategic objectives of the enterprise. That’s where the process architecture comes in. This valuable asset is foundational for developing a sound performance measurement and management scorecard and is essential to assure reusability in all process analysis and design project It provides a home for all process level models as well as ensuring that the strategy of the organization is translated down to new capabilities which now become measurable and continuously improvable.

This session will trace the path from intent to realization:

  • What do we need to know about strategic intent?
  • How should we build a process architecture to support our objectives?
  • Aligning the architecture with other capabilities.
  • How can we leverage the architecture into an aligned portfolio of changes?
  • Using the architectural models to scope and run analysis and redesign?

About Roger Burlton:

Roger Burlton is a co-founder of BPTrends Associates. He also established the pioneering Process Renewal Group in 1993. Roger's insights can be found in his acclaimed book "Business Process Management: Profiting from Process". He not only presents these advanced BPM concepts to managers and professionals around the world but works with leading organizations to implement them. He is the chair of the BPM Conference Europe which takes place in London every year. Roger also presents the following seminar for us in London:
Building and Using a Business Process Architecture.

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